Everyone Belongs to Someone

The fawlty towers turned into smoke
When she walked away
While the taste of far away rain touched your lips
Was it too much to ask for?
With his arms around you, nourishing the war
Did you ever ask in panic, Johanna where I from?
Where do I belong?

Follow lights
Follow the lights, they’ll take you home
Cuz everyone belongs to someone
Follow the banks to the cathedrals
And honey you’ll be home
Wherever you are from
Everyone belongs to someone

In the darkest of hours
Will he comfort you in mercy?
Will you walk down that somber aisle
Still with a smile on your face?

Where have you been my friend and where will you go?
When the time comes,
When the time comes and it comes so slow

And when the night falls down the Mississippi valley
Or those Jersey yards
Then everyone will belong to someone
And down by that Mississippi valley
Or those Jersey yards
Everyone belongs to someone